Wedding band recovered in Allendale, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Robert H. yesterday, he said he lost his wedding band 3 years ago and wanted to know if I could find it. After getting some information on the lost ring I told him I could be out in the morning. Today, Dave Boyer my Ring Finder partner, and I went out to Robert’s house and got to work. Robert lost his ring while taking a large flat rock out of the pond in about 3 to 5 feet of water. While taking a shower afterwords he noticed the ring was missing. He posted the lost ring on Facebook and got several message to give me a call because I was a Ring Finder.

I put my waders on and started my search from the shore to about 4 feet getting no signals I went back and put my swim suit on so I could go deeper in the water. The first 3 feet of the bottom of the pond was sand, then about 3 inches of black mud and the rest of the bottom was sloppy grey clay. Dave directed me to the left and front of the dock and I got a high pitch signal on my detector unlike a gold signal, but I dug it anyway because that was the only signal I got out there. After a couple scoops of mud and clay I finally got something in my scoop. At the very bottom of my scoop, after squeezing a gallon of soft clay, was his gold wedding band. Needless to say Robert and his wife Marlene were very happy and amazed, that after 3 years, his ring was back on his finger.