Men's wedding ring recovered after winter storm in Perry, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Last week during one of the worst snow storms and low temperatures in the state of Michigan, I received a call from Joel C. telling me he lost his 14K gold wedding ring while placing money for his snow plow driver under the blue cap on his LP Gas tank. I told Joel that I could come out and search for his ring the next day although it was -10 degrees and about a foot of snow. Alyssa C., Joel’s wife, explained that he cleared the snow off the gas tank, pushing the snow down towards him, then placing the plow fee under the blue cap (see picture). I set my detector to discriminate out the steel gas tank and proceeded to search in front and behind the tank and around the driveway and snow piles that had been plowed later that night after he lost his ring. After an hour or so of searching I then questioned Alyssa with several probing questions as to whether Joel remembered having the ring on during the day and what took place that evening, I stop the search and said I will be back after the weather warmed up in the following days.  I called a Ringfinder friend, Jon Hamil, from the other side of the state to meet me at their house to help with the search. We both made the 1 1/2 hour trip from opposite sides of the state and began our search in now a snow free area. Jon and I went over the same area as I did before with no success.      After an hour searching outside we went in the house checked the couch, sink drains and garage, still no ring. Going back out to the yard John used a system he developed and discovered the ring on top of the yellow children’s discarded plastic slide (see picture).  I looked on the slide and there was the ring. I was dumbfounded by it’s presents and questioning myself how it landed there in a snow storm. I guess it doesn’t matter because it made Alyssa smile and she gave us each a hug and sighing with relief that the ring was found she immediately called Joel to tell him the good news.

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