Heirloom ring recovered in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

On my way to work today, I received a call from Josh K. about his wife loosing her heirloom ring (her mom gave it to her years ago). Jayne K. was raking leaves in the front yard and playing with her daughters in the leave piles afterwards. Shortly after they finished raking and playing, Jayne noticed her ring missing. Josh borrowed a metal detector and went over his front yard. Not being familiar with the detector he was unsuccessful. Josh had 11 bags of leaves that he searched one bag at a time with no luck. Josh went to the internet and looked up lost rings, detecting services and found The Ring Finders. He was a little skeptical about someone coming out and searching for a ring but after his call to me and telling him I would be out at 4pm he was very happy I could get there so soon.

My Ring Finder friend, Dave Boyer, and I showed up at their house at 4pm and proceeded to search the front yard. I made about 6 passes in a back and forth grid pattern and on the 6th pass I got a nice signal and saw her gold ring. I told Josh that I gave up and hesitated a bit and said “because I found it”. Josh’s eyes lit up and with a big smile and a bear hug he said “thank you”.  Jayne was not home at the time but I’m sure when she found out her ring was recovered she will have a very nice Thanksgiving.