Saugatuck State Park, Michigan yields a proposal

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, received an email from Guillermo R. about a friend who lost a diamond pendant just after Osman K., her new fiance, proposed. They were deep in the woods of Saugatuck State Park up on an Oak tree lined trail. After his proposal Abby’s friend ran up to her and gave her a hug, at that time Abby dropped the pendant out of her hand. They searched a couple of hours through the leaves and the rotted undergrowth to no avail. That night they searched the internet and found TheRingFinders.

We met Abby and Osman at the park the next morning and made our way up and around the park paths to the spot of the proposal. We searched up and down the hill and finally after about 30 minutes I got a very faint signal on my Fisher F75 detector. I looked down and still didn’t see anything until I pushed some dirt away and I saw a little glimmer of gold . There it was, Abby and Osman smiled in amazement and Dave couldn’t believe it was such a small item we were searching for. We used our Garret (carrot) pin pointer and it would not register.

Abby and Osman are students at Hope college studying special education for the Blind. We said our good byes and wished them well. By The Way, she did say “YES” to his proposal.


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  1. Amy Tongue says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The diamond belonged to my grandmother so is an antique, so could not have replaced. You are an answer to prayer.
    Abby’s mom

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