Referral from another Ring Finder nets a lost ring in Mona Lake, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a text today at 3:11 pm from Alan O. telling me Tom Townsend (a Ring Finder) referred me as he was unavailable. Alan’s sister-in-law Stefanie C. was visiting Alan’s parents home on Mona Lake in Norton Shores, Michigan. Stefanie put her ring in Alan’s hat for safe keeping and it fell onto the dock and into the water. They thought it was about 3 feet of water on a sandy but weedy bottom. I texted Alan back right away and told him I could be out there, with my Ring Finder partner Dave Boyer, in about an hour.

When I got to the home we introduced ourselves and got our equipment out and went down to the water. We reached the end of the dock where the ring fell in and it was about chest deep. We searched an area where Alan felt the ring would have went in the water but didn’t get any signals so I searched under the dock because it had perforated holes big enough for a small ring to fall through. I got a good hit on the platinum ring and after 3 scoops there it was. Alan yelled up to the ladies sitting on the deck, “they found it!”

Alan text Stefanie letting her know the ring was recovered and said he will mail it to her. Stefanie lives in Pittsburgh, PA. and will send me a picture of her with the ring for our Book of Smiles.