Ely Lake, Allegan, Michigan nets 2 rings 2 happy people

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, got an email from Charles S. earlier today but didn’t hear from him right away so I looked up his name on Facebook and messaged him to give me a call ASAP. A few minutes later I got a call from Charles explaining how he lost his ring while playing with his kids in the lake. I got the directions to the lake, called Dave and we were on our way. When we got to the lake we met Charles, his wife Savanna and their daughter Addison. When we started the search Savanna told us Addison lost her ring too in shallow water. My first step I recovered Savanna’s ring but didn’t say anything yet. I was hoping to do a bonus return but after 2 hours of hunting I showed Savanna the ring and said, “is this your ring?” She happily said “yes”. We told Charles he didn’t have to wait around and if we find the ring we would contact them. They lived about an hour away and had been camping at the lake.

After making several grid passes in the swimming area I decided to go deep up to my shoulders Dave joined me in the area and got a good signal and came up with a new penny. We moved about 2 feet away and Dave got a good signal again but couldn’t scoop it so I went in with my big Bertha scoop and there it was at the bottom of the scoop. We gave Charles a call and he was beside himself that we found his ring. We met at McDonald’s and exchanged hand shakes, hugs and pictures. That was the nicest tungsten ring I have ever seen it had a gold band around it set with diamonds. Thank you Charles for the call and having faith in us.

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  1. Charles S says:

    Very thankful that I was able to find someone to retrieve my ring. And a bonus found my daughters ring aswell.. I thought it was a gonner and a long shot to Google jewlery recovery…. I would recommend these two to help find any lost jewlery.. and they were very friendly also!!

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