Wedding Ring recovered in Indian Lake, Howard City, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I read a post on Facebook that referred me to Kristen V. who lost her wedding ring while playing with a football on a sandbar. Boaters spend weekends and holidays partying there. Instead of waiting for her to call me I messaged her and her husband, Don, right away. Time is of the essence when a ring is lost in a public area. After conversing through Facebook, my Ring Finder partner Dave Boyer and I made arrangements to meet Kristen at her home on Monday morning. When we arrived at her house we immediately followed her by car to the sandbar where the ring was lost. Kristen stood out in the water showing us where she was standing when the ring came off her finger. We began our search in the area it was lost and after 30 minutes we located the ring deeper than first expected due to the football hitting the ring and sending it out in deeper water.

There is a saying in metal detecting “find 100 pull tabs and bottle caps then you will find a ring”. We almost found that many but we made a woman very happy when the ring was found. Thank you Tyler L. for the referral.