Holland State Park yield's wedding ring set

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

A text to Tracy M. C. today: “Tracy, Your rings have been lost for over 8 days in Lake Michigan, in good and bad water conditions. I have searched for hours, my friend has helped, he came back the next day with another detector guy, my Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer, came out yesterday and grid the area between buoys 9-11 and could not find them and I came out again this morning and grid the same area, 50′ X 50′, from the shore to up to my neck. I am calling it quits. Call me back”.

Tracy called me back and was thankful for all we had done and accepted the fact that the rings were gone. I told her, “no they are not lost, I QUIT LOOKING, because I found them.” Her rings were soldered together.

After some happy moments on the phone Tracy and her husband Kevin C. made arrangements to come to my house tomorrow to pick up the rings and add her to my “Book of Smiles”.

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  1. LuAnn VanBuskirk says:

    AWWWWWE!!! You totally ROCK! Like the biggest most gorgeous fiery expensive diamond 🙂 So inspiring!

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