Diamondale, Michigan yield's mans wedding band

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a post from David Boyer, a Ring Finder, about a man who lost his ring in the snow. David was out of town so he referred the recovery to me. I called Ian H. to make arrangements to find his ring and get his story.

He was helping a neighbor push his car out of the driveway when he slipped and fell hands first into the snowbank. He felt his ring come off and began to search the heavy deep snow to no avail. Ian went on the internet and found a ring search site and posted his lost ring and David got on it immediately.

Ian and his wife Kim are newly weds and have recently lost her father so the recovery of the ring was a happy event to them.

My brother Doug and I arrived at their home and immediately began our search. The driveway next door was the scene where the ring was lost and Ian was concerned that the snow plow might have moved the ring down the road several feet. While we search with our detectors at the edge of the drive I suggested that Ian and Kim who were watching us get a shovel and pull some of the snow into the street and we will follow them down with our detectors. Kim grabbed a rake and made a few passes and all of a sudden she yelled out “here it is!!!”. With smiles on their faces and hand shakes all around we took some pictures for our book of smiles and went on our way. It was a pleasure to help out in a small way to recover his new wedding ring.

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  1. Ian H says:

    Thank you so much for helping us come out and search! We are so happy to have the ring back!

    1. Sandra says:

      So glad you found it

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