Ring recovered in Byron Center, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

We have a new media outlet in our community, (Nextdoor South Christian.com). I offered my service in the Lost and Found section as a TheRingFinder. Mary K. contacted me last night that her husband had lost his wedding ring. Rick K. had his ring and watch in his hand when he gathered up some belongings and moved them for the serviceman to do some repairs in the furnace area. When he moved them to the other side of the basement he noticed his ring was missing. After several hours of searching for it in the basement, Mary recalled my post in the Nextdoor column.

After her call I was at their home in an hour to start my search. Mary and Rick are moving and their basement was in a turmoil with their upcoming move. After several questions I began my search in sections at a time beginning with under and around the furnace and water heater, I used my pin pointer putting it down the floor drain with no signal present, I moved the freezer and other items then moving my search under the steps. There was one additional area that I searched and under a box which was propped up off the floor about an inch I flashed my light and there it was a beautiful gold wedding ring with a diamond.

I pulled it out and showed Rick the ring and said “is this it”? A relieved look on his face and a smile he said “yes”. We went upstairs to tell Mary the good news. They were both happy with the recovery and could now finish packing up for the move without knowing the ring would be left behind.

Thank you Mary and Rick for putting your faith in THERINGFINDERS.