Ring recovered from Big Crooked Lake, Dowagiac, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

The Ring Finders have a great network of detectors. Dave Boyer received a call from John B. about his wife, Elizabeth, loosing her wedding rings. Dave was not available so he called me and asked if I could help out this couple. John and Elizabeth are from the Chicago area and are staying in a cottage, on Big Crooked lake, with their family for a couple weeks. During the beginning of their stay Elizabeth was in the water at just above waist depth, as she turned around in the water with her hands down in the water her engagement and wedding ring (welded together) slipped off her finger. She was devastated and spent the last few days sifting through the water before they discovered the Ring Finders on Google.

I called John immediately after hearing from Dave and set up a time this morning to come out to the cottage. After introductions I put my swimsuit on and entered the water. The lake was clear with sandy bottom. as I walked out to waist deep water I got a good signal and pulled up a spoon, moving a little deeper to chest height I noticed it was getting deeper with a sharp drop off, that is when I hoped that I would get a signal soon, I did and it was a good ring sound but found it a little deeper than it should have been. I looked in my scoop and there was a beautiful sight I put it in my pouch and headed back to shore while detecting another signal it was a pull tab. I proceeded to shore and asked John if he wanted a spoon, a pull tab or a ring? In his amazement he yelled up the stairs to Elizabeth “he found it”! I wish I could capture the expressions on the faces of my people when the ring is recovered, they are priceless. 

Everyone including Grandma can now enjoy the rest of their stay in Pure Michigan. A great shout out to the RING FINDERS network.

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  1. Beth B. says:

    Cannot thank Gregg enough for finding my wedding ring. Having searched for two days with no results, I thought it was gone forever. Gregg found it within minutes!!! You saved our vacation!

    What a great a great guy and great service! So happy that Google led us to him!!!

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