Cardio workout nets mans wedding band

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I got a call from my RingFinder partner, Dave Boyer, to help find a wedding band that Ryan S. lost in Lake Michigan. I jumped at the challenge until I got to North Point Park, Michigan. We walked a 1/4 mile to the dunes, up another 200 feet of beach sand and then down the other side of the dune about 400 feet to the water (cardio). After catching our breath from the climb up and down to the water, with our equipment, we got to work. The lake was very calm that day but very rocky bottom. Ryan explained that he was about waist deep and dove forward into deeper water and swam under water. When he dove under his ring came off, so the logical thing to do was grid search about 3 feet to 5 feet. We were in the water well over an hour and I just wore my swim suit and a shirt. I was getting very cold so decided to call it a day. We got several signals and found to dig any of them our steel scoops barely made a dent in the rocky bottom. Coming up with a few nails we decided to pack up and climb back up the hill. Instead of climbing back up the dune we saw 100 steps up to a cottage so up we went (cardio again). We discovered, that once we got up to the top we had to walk 1/2 mile to our car. Day 2 I contacted anther RingFinder partner Ryan Cole to help search the water again but this time I wore my wet suit and asked Ryan to bring his snorkel and mask. The water although rocky was crystal clear and calm. We repeated our steps from the day before (cardio again) and got to the water and started our search. I forgot to mention that the lake bottom was littered with hot rocks so there were false signals all over.  I started deep again and Ryan went shallow using his mask from time to time. We were in the water about 45 minutes when the ring was found among different signals in knee deep water. Ryan S. became a very happy man  once again and after rejoicing awhile we looked up at the sand dune and began to climb up (cardio again) and back to the car. I forgot to mention that this was the second time this year Ryan S. lost his ring it was found up North in another lake by another RingFinder, C. Raison.