Wedding band recovered in Hess Lake, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received an email from Dave Boyer, my Ring Finder partner, that he got a notice of a lost wedding ring in Hess Lake. Adam D. was visiting his friends cottage last week and took a boat ride to another part of the lake where the lake bottom is sandy and all the boaters park their boats to swim and party. While swimming in, what he remembered was, waist deep water Adam felt his ring come off. Several people searched for it but the sandy bottom absorbed the ring instantly.

Dave and I made the one hour drive North to look for the ring and found a very nice part of the lake to grid off an area where we thought the ring might be but only came up with a few coins, bottle caps and 1 random gold ring. I called Adam to get a better idea of the area of where he lost his ring because the sandbar is the size of a football field. From his directions we needed to go deeper out in the lake about chest deep water and parallel to a diving platform.

We took another 1 hour drive North and after about 10 minutes in the water I found the white gold wedding band with the inscription “Love always”. We searched for about 2 hours trying to find another lost ring but the guy wasn’t sure if that is where he lost it.

Adam and his family were camping for a week and when they got home I went over to Adam’s house and met his 2 boys and his wife Lani. Adam and Lani were very happy to have the ring back on his finger and thanked God for it’s return.