Sanford, Michigan engagement ring recovered.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

During the South West Michigan Seek and Search club meeting Tuesday evening, I received a call from Kirstyn P. in a desperate situation over loosing her 3 karat diamond engagement ring. She was at Sanford Lake Park with friends out in the water playing catch with a football. She had her ring on her right throwing hand and discovered it was gone after she got out of the water and dried her hands off. Kirstyn and 20 of her friends combed the beach and the water for hours until she posted her loss on Facebook and got a reply from a woman,  Stephanie Marie, who I had found her ring for her a few years ago.

I made arrangements with her to drive 2 hours to meet her that morning at the park. Dave Boyer, my Ring Finder partner, and I got out to the park at about 9:30 am and after meeting Kristyn and a friend we got our marching orders and headed out to the lake. We usually grid an area with Dave going one direction back and forth and me going the other way up and down. After about an hour, between the marker buoys, Dave went up to check out the beach. I finished my grid and got to the center of about a 100′ X 100′ area and got a good hit. Looking in my scoop was a beautiful engagement ring that I quickly slipped into my glove.

I walked up to the picnic table where everyone was setting and explained that the water was as clean as I have ever seen (no coins, bottle caps or rings) there were several holes where there was an obvious detector out there in the last few days. I reached in my glove and showed Kirstyn the ring and said “but I did find this, is this it?” The look on her face is that which all of us Ring Finders want to see, followed with a big hug. Kirstyn’s future mother in law, Michelle, was there and proceeded to snap off a few pics. This was a real pleasure meeting her friend, uncle, Michelle and a few others. Her Fiance, “Trevorgyver”, was at work but is one happy man. Thank you Michelle for buying our lunch it was a pleasure meeting you.