East Lake Campground, Hopkins, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

A bachelor party ended up with a lost Go Pro camera attached to a tripod in about 7 feet of water. A.P. (initials he goes by) called me Monday to tell me how he lost the camera while swimming out to the dock at East Lake Campgrounds in Hopkins, Michigan. He thought it was in deeper water so I called in my backup scuba diver Craig Ziecina who has pulled me out of a couple tough jams lately. While Dave Boyer and myself searched the shallows in the roped off swimming area Craig went deep into the spring fed dark bottom of the swim area. After about 10 minutes the camera was recovered. I attempted to call A.P. and set up a time to return his camera. After some negotiations between a 175 mile distance between us we will be returning it to him soon. Pictures for our book of smiles will be edited into the story soon.