Dog bone Island in Littlefield Lake, Lake, Michigan gives up an engagement ring.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from my Ringfinder partner, Dave Boyer, he got a call from another Ringfinder, Chuck Raison, who was out of town and couldn’t help Hayley L. find her lost ring. After collecting Hayley’s information about her ring Dave told her we would be at her cottage Sunday morning.

Hayley was attending a family reunion and Hayley, Adam V. (her fiancee) and a group of the guest took the pontoon boat out to Dog bone Island (Shaped like a dog bone). While enjoying the warm weather  and beautiful clear lake water Hayley stepped into the deeper water about 5′ and when she stretched her arms out and down into the water she felt her engagement ring slip off her finger and over the drop off to deeper water about 7′ or 8′. Hayley’s tears raised the water level on the lake about 1″. It was devastating to her because when Adam proposed to her with that ring, her grandfather was there to witness the engagement, he has since passed away.

When we arrived we met the family; mother, father, brothers, sisters, children, aunts, uncles and the dog. (a beautiful Italian family with hugs and handshakes). Getting down to business we gathered our gear and put it on the pontoon and headed out to the island. Dave being the 6’+ guy that he is entered the deeper water and immediately got a signal using our homemade Super Scoop for deep water recovery. I made a sweep over the signal area and came up with a hoop earring. I then started to drag the scoop in the area that Hayley was standing. One scoop nothing, two scoops nothing, three scoops nothing and on the fourth scoop removing the clay and debris at the bottom of the scoop there it was. I took it out and lifted it up to Hayley’s hand and she began to cry this time with happy tears. Adam gave her a big hug. Hand shakes and hugs began all over again with happiness all around.

When we got back to the cottage breakfast was waiting for us and introductions were made again and some lasting memories were made after a very fun but traumatic weekend.

What a beautiful family and very rewarding to have the pleasure of meeting them all including Titan the dog. Another beautiful day will be spent in October when Adam and Hayley become husband and wife.