Canadian visitor finds his ring and some PURE MICHIGAN hospitality.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I found a mans gold wedding ring tonight for one of our Canadian neighbors who is in town working. He was staying at Hampton Inn in Wyoming, MI and walked 1 block from the Inn to Spectrum lanes for a bite to eat. Because of his job he  takes off his ring. Sunday night before going out he had put his ring in his back pocket and later discovered he had a hole in his pocket when he got back to the motel.
Justin W. found me on line and gave me a call. Living close by I told him I would meet him at the motel at 7 pm. I called Dave Boyer my Ring Finder partner and after some obvious questions we started the search. Dave went North from the lanes and Justin and I walked South from the motel.
We waited for the light to change at 54th and Clyde Park to cross. While standing at the crosswalk I looked out in the intersection just outside the crosswalk between the lanes and I saw what looked like gold foil, as we crossed the street I bent down and picked up what was the ring. When I got to the other side I looked at Justin and said “is this your ring?” Justin holding back his emotions and looking at the slightly bent and pitted gold ring from being run over, smiled and acknowledged it was his ring. Justin’s picture was not available for our book of smiles because of his emotions over the found ring, he is very happy though.
Justin lost the ring on Sunday night it sat in one of the busier intersections for 5 days only to be found by The Ring Finder on a Friday night.

There is an additional picture to add to this story. As I had mention to Justin yesterday, he should go to Russell & Ballard Jewelers to fix the ring. He did just that Saturday morning and Colin Ballard took care of his ring and here is the picture.