Apple Watch recovered in Georgetown Shores, Hudsonville, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

A friend of mine, John P., called me yesterday and asked if I could find his stepsons Apple watch in the water. John’s wife, Kim, cuts my hair and charges me by the minute instead by the normal haircut price, if you saw my lack of hair you would understand why. Kim’s son, Mark D., jumped off the dock into the water to go swimming and when he came out of the water his $500 Apple watch was gone. Mark called me after John gave him my number and we made an appointment to come out and look for it. 

My Ringfinder partner, Dave Boyer, and I got to Mark’s house and looked over the area. We first tried to drag the area with our long handled homemade scoop to no avail. We put our wetsuits on and went into the water. The water was cool and there was about 6 inches of black mud. After about 20 minutes we got a signal, in the 90’s, on the AT Pro but had a hard time scooping it out because it was almost 6 feet deep so we had Mark’s friend, Colin B., dive down and scoop with is hands under the coil. He felt it the first time and dove again and pulled up the watch. Mark was ecstatic that we found his watch.

Here is the “Rest of the Story”. The Apple watch was lost 2 weeks ago in 6 feet of water and 6 inches of black mud, when we pulled it up, it was still working and it had 61% battery life. Noticed the white watch band with back stains. After Mark called his mom and dad everyone is happy and now I might get a free haircut from Kim!