Diamond earring recovered in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Rebecca called me Saturday to see if I could help find her mothers diamond earring. She had gotten my name from a friend referral. I was in Chicago at the time of the call and told her I would call her mother on Monday to set up an appointment. Sunday evening Rebecca’s mother, Deb D., gave me a call and we set a time to come out to her home to look for the earring.

This was an unusual search as it was inside the home. I have had several searches in homes but it is a lot of detective work as opposed to metal detecting. Deb removed her earrings in her bedroom as usual and placed them in a small box on her dresser, at least that is what she usually does. This time she took a nap and after the nap took her earrings off and that is when she discovered one was missing. Her husband Fred and her got down on their knees and look all around on their deep pile carpeting in her bedroom to no avail. Deb called her daughter, as these were given to Deb for their 50 wedding anniversary, and told her the bad news. That is where the call to me started.

I asked Deb some questions like did you take them off in the bathroom over the sink? (maybe fell in the trap) When was the last time you know you had them on, etc? We got a flashlight and began the search keying in on the bedroom. I search by feel in the pile of the carpet creating a grid a couple feet at a time, looked under the dresser and then under the bed all the while feeling for a small hard object. Fred and Deb looked in the same area but found nothing even by placing the remaining earring on the carpet to compare what it should look like, it blended in very well. After a search on one side of the bed for ten minutes the earring was found in the carpet pile next to the night stand.

After the earring was recovered we took a picture for our book of smiles, had a cup of coffee, talked about retirement, family and travel. Deb could not stop smiling she was so happy and Fred was very relieved to have this episode behind them.