Playing "Pick up Sticks" in Holt, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I got an email from Erik G. yesterday about him loosing his Tungsten wedding band while  “picking up sticks” in his yard. After getting a handful of sticks he threw them in the field of high grass next too his drive. Shortly after throwing the sticks away he noticed his ring was missing. Timing, as it may, he found out about the Ring Finders from a friend and looked me up on the Ring Finders directory. Because of my schedule I emailed Erik and asked if I could come out Thursday afternoon or wait until next week, Erik called me and we made arrangements for today.

Dave Boyer, my Ring Finder partner, and I met Erik at his home. Erik pointed out where he might have lost the ring and we began our search. Erik was walking back to the house to stay warm while we searched and before he got to the house the ring was recovered. It was in the tall grass where the sticks ended up after being tossed. This was a quick search although ending just like any other ring recovery, it ended with a Ring and a Smile.

It was nice meeting Erik and seeing the relief in his eyes as his wife Chris will be happy upon hearing the news.

I got a laugh about a post from Shane G. on Facebook to Erik, “Dodged a bullet right there”.img_2944img_2941