One of a kind wedding ring recovered in Caledonia, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Ann T. called me, while I was assembling the Christmas Lite Show in Comstock Park, MI, about her ring that she lost last Friday. Ann is a photographer and while taking family pictures in Prairie Wolf Park, Ann picked up a handful of leaves to use as a prop for her picture and noticed her ring was missing. Her ring was designed by her husband and was a one of a kind very heavy Platinum ring with a diamond center, she was very upset about the loss and posted the loss on Facebook. She received a reply to look up The Ring Finders. This is where I was referred to her by Tom Townsend another Ring Finder.

I set up an appointment for today to meet her at the park and search for her ring. Ann laid out the process as to where leaves were picked up and the walk down the hill where the pictures were taken. I searched the area to begin with at the starting point while my brother Doug searched the bottom of the hill. I joined Doug at the bottom of the hill shortly after coming up with nothing at the starting point. A thorough search was made at the bottom of the hill so we made our way up the hill to the starting point being joined by Ring Finder, Dave Boyer, a strong signal was received just to the right of my original search. The ring was found and a phone call was made to Ann.

Amazed that we found her ring we joined her at her home for the presentation.  Ann is a very happy and relieved woman and thanked The Ring Finders.