Leaf pile yields lost ring in Cascade, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Jeremy B. his wife Rebecca and their three children live on a little piece of heaven on earth, a 3 acre parcel with a 100 year old barn and room for their young children to play. Jeremy was gathering leaves and filled 28 drums of leaves the other day and dumping them in the back of their property in a four foot tall pile. After he was finished for the day he noticed his gold wedding band, that Rebecca had designed for him, was missing. It could have been lost in a couple of places on the property. Jeremy googled lost ring and found The Ring Finders and my name in Grand Rapids, after a call to me I made arrangements for my detecting partner Dave Boyer and myself to come out and search the next day.

We met Jeremy, his wife and the children and got the layout of the land and decided to search the leaf pile as the first logical place to look. We were on the leaf pile and after knocking the four foot pile down to two feet, a strong signal was detected, brushing away a few more leaves was the gold ring. We thought it would be nice for Jeremy’s young son, Corbin, to find it so we walked up to the front lawn where they raked the leaves the other day and placed it under some grass and gave him my pin pointer. When the pointer beeped he reached in the grass and picked up the ring and ran out to his dad with the ring waving in the air. Jeremy was all smiles walking up to thank us for finding his ring.

They were a very happy couple and invited us to come out anytime to detect the property and as legend has it, there might be a civil war cannon buried in the area somewhere. Jeremy is putting a new foundation and restoring the old barn creating a new use underneath the barn.

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