South Haven, Michigan surf gives up gold heirloom wedding band.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My detecting partner Dave Boyer was contacted today by email at 5:30 PM from Adam N. He dropped his wedding ring while playing catch in the surf at South Haven, Michigan near the south pier. He said he was in ankle deep water when he caught a pass and the ring fell off. The ring is gold with 3 diamonds in it. On the inside of the ring is his grandparents initials (WEG and E_P). The ring was given to Adam after they passed away and he felt awful that it slipped off his finger. Adam and Diana are from Fort Wayne, IN and was going back soon so time was of the essence.

Dave got a hold of me right away and at 6:30 PM we started the 55 minute drive to the beach. We met Adam at the parking lot  and after introductions we got our equipment out and proceeded down to the water. The weather was cloudy and a storm had come through the previous night and morning. The water was cool and the waves were from 1 to 2 feet making it a little harder to stand up and swing the detector. Dave went ankle to knee deep and I started a grid from shore to waist deep then I turned to go back to shore, at waist deep, and got a good hit which I was sure it was the ring. With the waves it was difficult to make a good scoop but after the third scoop I looked in it and there was gold. I told Adam to reach in and check to see if that was his and his face lit up like the blazing setting sun. His wife Diana was walking down the beach towards us and when she got to us Adam said “they found it!!!”. “Big Boys Don’t Cry” but he could have, he was so relieved that he didn’t have to tell his mom that he had lost grampa’s wedding band.

Diana said, “Grampa was looking down and guided us to the ring”. Diana and Adam shook hands with us and hugged each other and then mugged for our Book of Smiles.

Dave and I have made a doubles team worthy of the Ring Finders Hall of Fame. We love our job.

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