East Lansing, Michigan Men's wedding band recovered

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Dana C. emailed me the other day asking me if I could help find her nieces husbands wedding band. I immediately returned her email and the process was in the works.

Cody A. was visiting his wife, Nicole’s, aunt and uncle Dana and Mike C. They live in a condo that has a small rock lined lake behind their home that they kayak, paddle board and swim. While everyone was out in the water Cody decided to remove his wedding ring and put it on a chain that he was wearing so he wouldn’t loose it. Murphy’s Law, he lost it!! Cody was standing in about chest deep water and the ring went straight down to the bottom in about an inch of silt. He immediately was put in the dog house and the only way to get out of it was to contact The Ring Finders of which they knew nothing about. Fortunately for Cody the neighbor heard of TRF and told Dana to look us up.

So here it is the following weekend and my partner Dave Boyer and myself are at their condo. After introductions were made we got out our equipment and in about 5 minutes in chest deep water a beautiful white gold ring with 3 diamonds was recovered. Mike was flabbergasted that we found it and so quick. The neighbor came out and was equally impressed.

Because Cody works and lives in Indianapolis, IN he was not available for a picture in our book of smiles so we got a smiling Mike to show the  ring. Cody will send us a picture when he receives the ring. Oh, by the way Cody is no longer in the Dog House.

IMG_2592 IMG_2594