Wedding band recovered at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Thursday June 30 2:00pm, on my message machine: “This is John J. and I lost my wedding band at Oval beach and the Park ranger gave me your number”.

Thursday June 30 10:00pm, I listen to my messages. Feeling heart broke that I didn’t get this message sooner I called John right away. John explained to me that he was playing catch with his young son while John was standing in the sand and his son in the water. John felt the ring slip off his finger but didn’t see it land . He remembered not seeing any ripples in the water so he assumed it fell into the soft sand by the water. After searching to no avail he mentioned it to the ranger and the call was made. The water that day was very calm but a storm was brewing that evening, this is why I was heartbroken, had I answered his call when it came in I could have searched right away.

Friday morning 10:00am, we made plans to meet at the spot the ring was lost. There John and his young family sat with their coats and a blankets wrapped around them as the storm came in and made the weather very cool. The waves were 4 to 6 feet high and the place where John was standing the day before was now under 2 feet of water. I did a grid search of a small area where their blankets were the day before but I knew the ring was now under churning waves. They had to leave that day and go back home to Illinois so I told them I would be back tomorrow when the lake calms down.

Saturday morning 10:00am, my brother Doug and I went down to the water and in the area where the ring should be the water now receded and the sand was wet from the waves rushing to shore. About 10 inches down I recovered John’s platinum wedding band. Inside the ring was inscribed “All our dreams and wishes”. I called John and said “your dreams have come true”. I made arrangements to send it to him and the smiling John is proof that he has it with him again. I love this Job, thank you Chris Turner for making it possible.

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