Ring recovered at North Beach Park, Spring Lake, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Got a call from Sarah C. today asking if I could help her find her ring. She and boyfriend Scott A. were at the park, while playing around with her ring it popped out of her hand and into the sand. They frantically searched to no avail and told the Park Ranger about the loss and was referred to me. After a call to me and me eating my Fourth of July steak dinner, I  proceeded to drive the 45 minutes to North Park.

I met Sarah and Scott  at the park and proceeded to search the area with my Fisher F75 after the second 10 foot grid search I found her ring. It was a pretty silver ring with a heart shaped pink stone, a promise ring to a future for Sarah, Allan and a baby on the way.

Happy Fourth of July to all and one Sarah and Scott will always remember.