2 gold rings lost during July 4th celebration in Cass Lake, Keego Harbor, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received an email from Noor M. July 6 to see if I could help her after she asked another Ringfinder to help her find a white gold band and a yellow gold band in about 2 to 4 feet of water. Because his water detector was in for service he was unable to effectively us his land detector from a kayak.

Noor was celebrating the fourth with hundreds of other boaters on a sandbar in Cass Lake. This is and area about twice the size of 2 football fields. While standing in the water she gave a High 5 to another celebrator and off came her rings. Noor immediately looked at the shore to get a point of reference as to where they were lost. There was about 19 people in her party and everyone started looking for them but just clouded up the bottom to no avail. I called Noor and said I could come out Thursday and help her out. She would be at work but her dad could take us by boat out to the sandbar.

My brother Doug and I arrived after the 144 mile trip and met Noor’s father Alla. We jumped on the pontoon and traveled a short distance to the sandbar. Doug and I got our scoops and water detectors into the water and I gave her IMG_2491dad my pin pointer. He started diving in the shallow water pulling up beer caps just like we were. There is a saying among water detectors that “when you find 100 caps and pull tabs you will find one ring”. The picture says it all. Noor gave us an approximate area where she remembered where the rings came off but wasn’t exactly sure. We covered at least a football field size area for about 3 hours. The water was warm, the sun was hot and the conditions couldn’t be better. After 3 hours+ of hunting, Doug made his final pass and jumped on the pontoon and I needed to make one more line based on Noor’s recollections. I got a signal like the 100 ones before but this time a shiny white gold band appeared. I searched the area more and about 3 feet away the yellow gold band appeared in my scoop. I yelled out to Dad and Doug then headed back to the boat. I feel I was guided by God’s hand as this was a needle in a haystack search.

It didn’t end there however. I texted Noor and I got back an “OMG”. She immediately left work to come home. We got back to the dock and we met Noor’s mom and she said I have lunch almost ready. Wow! It was delicious I have never had this meal before. She made white steamed rice and an eggplant dish with colored peppers, onions, jalapeno peppers, spices and more. After hugs where made and pictures were taken we jumped in the car for the 144 mile trek back home. I want to say that Noor’s father is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He is soft spoken and has a real story to tell. He is surrounded by 5 women who manage to keep him humble.

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