Wedding band recovered in Lawton, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Got a call from my Ring Finder partner Dave Boyer about a lost ring in Lawton, Michigan. After getting the information I called Dakota M. to get the facts and see if he had found his ring yet. He told me he had not found it yet so I made arrangements to go down state to search. Dakota explained that he had gotten married recently and was setting on his porch talking to a friend on the phone and fiddling with this new item on his finger and before he knew it, it flew off his finger and he heard it bounce and then down through the slats of the porch. This is an older home that he had recently purchased and the old porch had the boards that had wider spaces between the floor boards and around the porch there was lattice work covering a crawl space. Dakota got a wrench and took off a section of the lattice and crawled under the porch. He gathered a bunch of leaves and dirt where he thought the ring should be but couldn’t find it.  That night he googled lost ring and found a site and posted his lost ring.

I called my brother Doug, because Dave B. wasn’t available, and asked him if he wanted to go look for a ring and he said yes. So Tuesday evening we headed South to Dakota’s house. We arrived a little before Dakota as he was coming from work. Dakota showed us the porch and area where he thought the ring fell through, he took off the lattice and into the crawl space Doug and I went in on hands and knees. Dusty, dirty, nails, leaves and broken glass everywhere. after getting to the middle we found the ring. It is a black titanium ring that was so big my detector whined as opposed to beeping.

Dakota hit the trifecta tonight by making his new wife happy by getting his ring back, cutting the grass and making diner. It was a pleasure meeting Dakota and finding his ring.IMG_2467IMG_2466