Grand Haven, Michigan yields a friendship ring.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

While camping out at the Grand Haven State Park, Abby H. was setting around the campfire enjoying an evening with friends when she lost her ring. Grand Haven beach is one of Pure Michigan’s crown jewels. Abby was given the ring at the top of a Ferris wheel by her boyfriend. It is in the shape of a sphere that has no end just as there relationship has no end. Abby’s boyfriends family all have an exact tattoo with a shape of the ring. So the story goes on that it has a special meaning to her. She contacted the ranger station and they gave her the number for Tom Townsend (a RingFinder) but he was unable to help her out today and Tom referred her to me. It was around 1:30PM when I got the call and Abby needed to work at 5:30PM. I was about 45 minutes away and she had already checked out of the campsite. I got there around 2:30pm and met Abby and got my F75 detector out. No sooner than I got the detector on, ground balanced and Abby pointing out the area that I got a beautiful signal with the first sweep. Abby and her friend Lauren were ecstatic that her ring was found. The camper next to them was impressed too that it went so quick and my success. Thank you Tom Townsend again for the referral.