Ring recovered at Lake Lansing Sailing Club, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Scott W. sent me an email Sunday night inquiring about my services helping him find his wedding ring. I got back to him right away and made arrangements to meet him at the Lansing Sailing Club Tuesday morning.

Scott was spreading grass seed and straw over an area about 50′ by 50′. It was very muddy and had some standing water. Some time while spreading the grass seed and keeping an eye on his 4 year old child, his ring came off. Scott didn’t notice it until he got home. He went back to the club and looked for it but gave up and went on the internet and found The Ring Finders.

Tuesday morning Dave B. and myself introduced ourselves to Scott and set up our equipment.  I started a grid going East and West and Dave went North and South. There was an electronic dog fence running parallel to the property and giving me a lot of static on my F75 but I knew I was looking for a white gold ring on or just under the surface that would give me a good signal over the static. At about the 4th  sweep I got a hit just under the straw and there it was Scott’s ring.

Scott was happy and he were happy to have a successful hunt. We took some pictures and had a nice conversation and then headed back to Grand Rapids for the hour ride.



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  1. Fred Johnson says:

    Great recovery guys.

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