Ring recovered in Munith, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

IMG_1635 IMG_1658 IMG_1660I feel like the postman today, neither rain, sleet or snow will stop me from finding a lost ring. Andrew D. called me last week when the temperature in Michigan was a balmy 60 degrees. Andrew and his family live in a rural area of mid Michigan on a very old farm. He said he lost his platinum wedding band in his yard while walking from his barn to the house.  It was about a 20 square foot area but after hours of searching he couldn’t find it. I emailed Andrew back an said I could make it out on Thursday when it was still nice out and easier to search. After a couple days Andrew suggested he would be home on Friday December 18 so I said okay. Friday was the coldest and snowiest day this year, on the 100 mile journey to his house we started out through snow flurries and then arriving was cold and light snow. My hunting partner Dave Boyer and I got out our detectors and set up a grid. We thought we would do something different, thinking that the ring must be close to the surface and maybe stepped on when Andrew was searching, we gave Andrew our pin pointer. When we got a hit we had Andrew search with the pointer, this way he would be the one to recover the ring. Sure enough after about 10 minutes Andrew dug up the ring from a hit that we got. He was very happy with our service. After some conversation and photos, we headed home. From the photo above you can see that the flurries turn to ice on the roads and 3 hours later at sometimes a dead stop to 5 mph we made it home. As Chris T. always says “I love my job”.

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  1. Fred Johnson says:

    Great work guys. Bad weather just a testament of how much we love what we do. Great recovery

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