Wedding ring lost in Eaton Rapids, MI over 2 years ago

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Steve P. called me Monday Sept 14 and said he had discovered the Ring Finders lately and wondered if a ring could be found after 2 years in the ground. Steve explained to me that Jan, his wife, was working in the yard weeding the flower beds and working around the yard cleaning up. Jan was working without gloves and had her 18K gold ring on her pinky. While rolling up the garden hose she noticed the ring was missing. After looking all over the yard and through the weeds she had dug up and twigs that were picked up in the yard they gave up on the search. Now Steve is on the phone asking me to come out and see if the ring could be found. I told Steve I could make it out on Tuesday evening and decided to check out their yard on Bing Maps (I generally do this to get a lay of the land I will be searching). The yard was quite large so I called my Ring Finder friend Fred Johnson and another detectorist Denise M. We all met at their home and started the search. I arrived a few minutes early so after talking to Jan about the search I decided to detect the flowerbeds first as I had my 4 inch coil on my Fisher F75. When Fred and Denise got there I explained the situation and suggestion they start a grid search on the lawn while I finished the flowerbeds.

We were there probably less then 20 minutes when Fred got a good hit on his AT Pro and out popped the ring about an inch under the ground. A call to Steve and Jan brought them out to see a ring that had slipped off a finger over 2 years ago. Smiles and feelings of amazement came from them both. We took some pictures and went on our way. Steve promised to spread the word about The Ring Finders.

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