Silver Lake Fenton, Michigan sunken ring found

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

On Monday August 10th Christy B. emailed me saying her husband Dave B. lost his wedding band while climbing the ladder on their water trampoline. She stated that the area was about 8-9 feet deep with a mucky bottom. Dave tried to find the ring with goggles but to no avail. The ring is a simple gold band with more sentimental value than actual value but would like to get it back.

Because it was going to require a dive I had to recruit my number one diver on the Ring Finders team, Chuck Raison. I called Christy and told her I would get my team together and come to help them out. A couple of days later Dave Boyer, Chuck and myself headed out for 150 miles to find the ring.

When we have a dive, the other non-divers searche the area leading out to the site in the shallows for a chance that the item might have been lost closer in or moved in the water. We also take advantage during the dive while the diver is down by cleaning any junk out of the water in the swimming area. It is amazing the glass, nails, cans, pull tabs and other trash you find in the lakes and rivers.

The first trip out the ring was not found. Chuck searched all around the area but the weeds and 6 inches of silt proved too much to find the ring. We talked to Christy and said we can come back after Labor Day and try again, so we all agreed to try again. Monday Sept 28 Christy made contact with me and I said we will be out on Wed Sept 30. It was just Chuck and myself this time and we packed up the Hookah and drove off to Fenton. The wind was blowing hard and the inland lake even had small whitecap waves. While Chuck did his thing I checked out the swimming area and found some more glass and junk but the more important find after about 30 minutes, was Chuck coming up to shore with a ring on his finger. He had found the ring with his Garrett underwater Pin Pointer. The ring was down in 6 inches of silt nestled next to the anchor bucket for the trampoline.

Christy’s husband Dave was out of town so we gave the ring to Christy and got our smile for the Book and we will get another pic when Dave comes home.

Another happy couple because of The Ring Finders. “We love our job” FullSizeRender (18)FullSizeRender (20)FullSizeRender (17)