Kentwood, Michigan, husband has his wedding ring back

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My Ring Finder partner, Dave Boyer and I always check Craigslist for possible ring finds and we came across a man, Peter S. who was camping with his family at a campground about 50 miles south of home. When he went out to the lake with his 2 boys they started jumping up and down and splashing around like young under 10 year old boys will do. They wanted dad to throw them up in the air so he did and off came his wedding ring in the process. His wife April S. marked the area on a map as to approximately where the ring went in. We emailed April and had her meet us to discuss how and when we would go search for the ring. Tuesday morning Dave and I traveled South to the lake and started our search. It took about 30 minutes in about waist deep water to get a good ring sound and there it was a beautiful men’s wedding band made of Black Hills gold.

We made arrangements with April to return the ring not telling her husband it was found. We came to the door and Peter answered I said “I’m Gregg and this is Dave” I opened a display case of rings that I have found in the past with his ring in the middle. I said “We are selling rings door to door from our metal detection collection” at that time Peter, with April standing behind him, he says “Hey there is my ring!” we all laughed and reintroduced ourselves and April fessed up that she wanted to surprise Peter. He could not believe that it was found and was a happy, happy man. After meeting his sons and taking a few pictures we said goodbye and got another entry for our “Book of Smiles”.

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