Kayak produces ring in Spring Lake, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

You have to keep an open mind when looking for a ring. Carl M. said he had his ring in the bottom of his kayak and forgot about it when he took the kayak out of the water. Carl called me while I was in Tennessee and I told him I could make it out there in a couple of days. Seeing that the ring was lost in a private swimming area I was not too concerned about someone else finding it. He said it was by the dock where he pull the kayak out. He figured it must have fallen out when it was turned over in about 3 feet of water and carried across the yard to the condo. After searching everywhere on the grass and in the kayak and not finding it he thought it’s time for the internet. Finding me on the Ring Finders the search began. I have built a team of detectorist my brother Doug, Dave Boyer (a soon to be Ring Finder in the Holland and South Haven market) and myself. Doug and Dave spent about an hour looking in the water which had large cement slabs with deep cracks and rocky bottom. Checked the lawn between the dock and condo and came up empty. Finding rings takes a lot of detective work and elimination. The water and grass was checked the only thing left was to look at the kayak one more time. The kayak was rolled over on it’s top and the ring fell out. Lessen learned, “always start from where the ring was last seen”.

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