Grand River, Diamondale, MI yields lost ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Rick Magyar a fellow Ring Finder called me the other day and asked for help finding a lost ring in the Grand River. What had happened is Cory V. had received a 14k gold wedding band from his grandfather who had passed away a week before. This ring was going to be used in Cory’s upcoming wedding. Cory and some friends where in the Grand River enjoying themselves on a hot summer day when just before getting out of the water he felt the ring slide off his finger. The river was about 2 to 3 feet deep with weeds and about 6 inches of mud. Rick had been out on a hunt previously and was  unable to locate the ring so he called on my help. When we arrived at the river we met Pam who’s house they were at when the ring was lost. We went down to the river and proceeded to search. While I went out about 4 feet from shore Rick was looking closer to shore than where he looked before. Rick got a hit and Dave B. verified the hit with his AT Pro, because of the muck Dave let Rick use his underwater pointer and after Rick grabbed a handful of muck the pointer continued beeping as he pulled it up to search. There it was mixed in with a handful of black mud gleaming slightly in the sunlight.

We took the ring up to Pam and she called Cory who lives out of town it turned out to be a happy day for all involved. We asked that Cory send us a close up picture holding his ring for our Book of Smiles. So watch for an update to this story in the next couple of weeks.

DSCF0003 (1)[1] DSCF0004 (1)[1] Rick M on the left

Pam in the middle

Gregg L on the right