Walnut Lake, Bloomfield Hills, MI yields wedding ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Bryan S. called me Thursday and was looking for someone to help find his wedding ring that was lost while playing Nerf football on a sandbar at Walnut Lake. He explained that it was a private lake and that is where a lot of the boaters drop anchor and swim and play games. It is about 3 feet deep with an inch of silt and a clay base. He had marked the spot within a few feet of where the ring came off so it would be easier to locate. I told Bryan that I was going out of town Saturday but probably could get there in a week. He was concerned that the other boaters would disturb the area during the coming weekend. After rearranging my schedule and getting my brother Doug and my other detecting partner, Dave B. onboard to make the 2 1/2 hour trip across state, I texted Bryan and told him we will be there Friday morning at 11am.

Bryan was very pleased that we could make it as he had called another Ring Finder in Detroit but he didn’t have water equipment. Traci S., Bryan’s wife, thought the ring was a lost cause because they went out with a snorkel and hunted for several hours with no success.

Friday morning we packed our gear and headed East to Bloomfield Hills. When we arrived we met Bryan and showed us the private beach he docks his pontoon at and jumped aboard for the short trip across the beautiful picturesque lake that you only find in “Pure Michigan”. Bryan had marked the spot with a big log sticking up out of the water so we got into the waist deep clear water and in about 10 minutes we produced “juice!” and Bryans palladium wedding ring was back on his finger and we headed back to shore.

Because it only took a few minutes to find the ring Bryan invited us to detect some of the beach to see what we could find. We detected for 30 more minutes and gave the life guards the few coins we found and headed back to Grand Rapids, MI.

It’s funny Thursday night I opened a fortune cookie that we had left over from Chinese a couple of days before and it said “Something exciting was going to happen to you on Friday”. I guess it was finding the ring or maybe it was finally meeting Bannan Max the side car motor cycle riding boxer that I always see in passing but never met until today.

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