Car keys found at Brewer Park, Byron Center, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

IMG_8366My daughter-in-law called me and said her daughter, Meranda, got a call from her boyfriend, Devin, saying he lost his car keys while playing Disc Golf at the park. Meranda said “my grandpa can find it”. I went out to the park and met Devin and his friend who was in a panic because his car key is one of those $300 micro chip keys. Devin pointed out the 3rd hole that he was playing and thought that when he threw the last disc it went into the rough in about knee high grass. I checked out the area where he ran into the grass, with no luck. I then back tracked to the tee on hole #3 where Devin said he last felt the key in his hoody jacket pocket and checked the fairway with still no sign of the key. There is a saying in the metal detecting world that “the item is never where they think it is”. Using that logic I  suggested we back up to hole #2 and asked Devin to trace the path as to where he threw his disc. I went into the rough again following the directions of his first throw off the 2nd tee. Searching around in the knee high grass I got a good hit on my Fisher F75 in the All Metal mode. Pulling away the grass there it was. I presented it to Devin and he went bananas and Meranda said “see my I told you my grandpa could find it”. I suggested that Devin get more practice on disc golfing and stay out of the rough. It’s a nice feeling to help out family.



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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Lost keys just hurts! Way to go Gregg on the recovery!

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