The third time is a ring at Thumb Lake, Vanderbilt, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Aaron sent me an email after finding my name through the ring finders website. He was out with friends at one of the most beautiful lakes in the Upper Lower peninsula of Michigan. Aaron and his bride just got married a week before and wanted to spend some time with friends they hadn’t seen in a while. They had just dropped anchor at the beach where boats park and party. While enjoying the hot sun and clear cool blue water Aaron was playing catch with a football and when he caught the ball he felt his black tungsten wedding band fall off his finger. After searching frantically for it in about 3 to 4 feet of water he gave up and when he got home his wife got on the computer to search for a metal detector and theingfinders web site came up.

I talked to Aaron through email then on the phone and agreed to make the 3 hour trip up to Thumb Lake in the Boyne/Gaylord area. The area I was given was just to the right of the swimming area only to find out there was an area of about 2 football fields. I started from the swimming area and headed north and covered at least 1/3rd of the area to no avail I did find a ring but not his. I gave Aaron a call and told him I will be going back up in a couple weeks and would try again. I covered another 3rd of the area and still struck out.

Today I drove up in the morning with my detecting friend Dave B. we started on the last 3rd of the area and in about 20 minutes into the search the ring was found. It was supposed to be one of the last days of warm weather in the North country but it was cloudy and windy. The water was warmer than the air so little time was spent on additional detecting so we headed back South for our last 3 hour trip to find this ring.

I will be presenting the ring to Aaron tomorrow when he gets out of work and post a smiling and happy face.

And now the rest of the story: I talked to Aaron today and got his picture. He didn’t tell his wife that the ring was found and decided to tell her over spaghetti diner and a bottle of wine. “I asked her to help me pick out a bottle of wine. She noticed the ring while we were opening the bottle together. It brought tears to her eyes as she jump up and down crying happy tears” I told him may they both have years together and a lot more happy tears.



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  1. Good find… 3 hr drive?!! That’s tough (I hope it was 3 hr round trip, not each way). I’m still looking for a ring that takes 1 1/2hr trip each way and have searched for it 3 times. Hopefully the next one that you search for will be one that is close to your home…

  2. Laura Barber says:

    Thanks again to finding our ring. I was so crushed when it fell off of his hand, its the last thing you want to hear after getting married and having fun with friends. I tried so hard to think of some way to get it back and was so blessed to have found you. Now I can look at my husbands hand and remember our vows we said to one another. Thanks again for all your time you spent on it. It means so much to us!

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