Ring Found at Deer Run Golf Course, Lowell, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

My brother Jeff has always been an ambassador for me and my ring finding hobby. A letter carrier, who works in the same U. S. Post Office district, lost her ring during a golf outing so he gave me her name and phone number this afternoon. I gave her a call right away and within 2 hours the ring was back on her finger.

Chris S. was at a golf outing with the Letter Carriers MSA golf fundraiser at Deer Run Golf Course in Lowell, MI. Before golfing she took her rings off and sealed them in an envelope for safe keeping. After golfing she put her clubs and shoes in her car and took the envelope and proceeded to walk up to the club house. She said she tore the side of the envelope to open it and when she got to the club house she only had one of her rings. Tracing her steps back to her car to look for the ring came up empty.

This was Sunday and it is now Tuesday, I envisioned golfers walking back and forth from their cars to the club house just like Chris did over the past two days and one of them picking up this gem. I went out anyway as I am THERINGFINDER. I talked to the club house pro and ask if anyone turned in the ring, he said “no”, I told him that I would be out around the parking lot grass by the clubhouse with my detector to search for the ring. The grass was not cut during the three days that the ring was lost so that gave me some hope that the ring could be found. I found the ring after passing over it with my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger getting a “nickel” sound in some deeper grass just off the path to the clubhouse. I informed the clubhouse pro the ring was found and then I called Chris and made arrangements to meet her and reunite her with the ring that she and her jeweler designed.

What was a long shot to me turned out to be a hot shot for Chris. I’m very happy for you Chris!