Platinum wedding band found on beach at Leland, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Centerville-20130802-00760While staying for the weekend in Gaylord, MI for my grandsons baseball tournament I got a call from Mark D. who was staying in Leland, MI on vacation from Washington DC. He was at the beach on Monday and while wiping sun screen off his hands his wedding band catapulted off his finger into the sand. After looking for hours he went back to where he was staying and started searching on line for someone to find his ring. On Friday he came across THERINGFINDERS and gave me a call. It was about 4pm Friday evening when I got the call and told him it was a coincidence that I was in Northern Michigan and could get there in about an hour and a half, so off I went.

When I reached his address on Manitou Trail I followed him to the beach. I got my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger out and walked the short path to the beach. At 6pm there where still a lot  of people on the beach and right where we wanted to hunt they were making a fire to roast marshmallows. I joking told them they would have to move as there was a ring buried under their fire. Mark pointed out where he was approximately standing and I started a grid search. I covered about a 50 x 20 foot area and couldn’t find it. I went in the opposite direction to the other side of the fire and came up with a nickel and believe it or not a 1962 silver quarter in the same scoop. I went another 10 feet and there it was. I lifted it up and showed Mark and everyone on the beach started clapping.

Mark told me after finding the ring that it was custom made for him and was a very heavy platinum band, then he said “this is the tenth time I have lost this ring” I suggested that he have his telephone number engraved inside of it.

Centerville-20130802-00761The hunt took less than 30 minutes so after Mark took care of my gas expense we took some pictures and he told me he would send me a copy of the video he took while I was looking for the ring.

Another happy ending as I said to myself, “I love my job”.