Millenium Park, Grand Rapids, MI gives up lost gold ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Joel H. emailed me Thursday Aug 29 to find out if I could look for a ring that he lost while playing in the water with his 7 year old daughter. Millennium Park is usually off limits for metal detecting so I told him we would have to get permission from the park ranger. Joel made a few calls and Friday morning 8am we were at the park ready to search for his ring. He had pretty much narrowed the search area after loosing his ring he counted the swim buoys and looked back at the beach so he knew where it should be.

I set up some grid markers and began the  search after going from shore to about chest deep a couple of times I got a good signal and took a big scoop of sand and as it was coming to the top I could see a glint of gold as the sand was sifting through my scoop. I picked out the size 13 gold wedding band and asked Joel if that was it. The smile on his face explained it all.

I want to thank Roger and his rangers for allowing us to search the water. As I detect I also pick out any trash from the water and recovered a few pull tabs, bobby pins, a battery and a couple pairs of sunglasses.


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  1. Really nice that the park ranger used a little common sense and allowed a ‘limited’ hunt. Even in restricted areas, limited hunts should be allowed if no damage is done… Great results.

  2. Wendy Zuidema says:

    Fabulous find! Are you able to look in a boat slip? My husband lost his MBA class ring in Muskegon!

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