Lake Michigan gives up another ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

During the last week of July Renee, a mother of a 6 year old son and a new 7 week old who displayed her ring on her big toe, called me from finding my name on the ring finders directory. She had been visiting her sister in Holland, MI and went down to a little beach at Holland Township Park. The water that day was very rough with 3 to 4 foot waves so Renee just stood by the shore and played with her 6 year old son splashing in the water. As she bent over to touch the water her diamond ring fell off. The wedding band and diamond were connected together so it was a little heavier than just one ring and went under the water and sand very quickly with the rough water.

I went out the park the next day but the water was still rough and was hard to find a target let alone dig for it, so I told a teary eyed Renee that I would be back when the water was calm. I went back in a few days but was still unable to find it. I promised Renee that I had a network of detectorist  that would help. I put out a blast email and several people went out over the next couple of weeks to no avail. Then at a chance meeting a friend Dave B. met another detectorist at Lowes and told him the story about the ring and where it was supposed to be. Dave V. went out that night and found the ring. I have been detecting for 40 years and should have known that when the lake is rough and stormy the water rises and when it is calm the water recedes. Dave V. looked in the sand about 2 feet from shore and about 8″ down there it was, waiting for over 4 weeks to be found.

A call went out to Renee’s Marine husband, Teo, letting him know we found her ring and wanted to present it to her. In a couple of days they were going to a Marine family picnic at a park in my town and decided that would be a good place to present it. A video of the presentation was made and there were plenty of hugs and tears including mine. What a rewarding experience to return something that meant so much to a young couple. Semper Fi.

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  1. Good job… sometimes, even with all our experience, we forget one small fact that is essential in finding our target… Always have to think outside the box, right?! Video was nice but could not get any sound…

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