Kentwood, MI wedding band lost for one year recovered.

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I got a text this morning from Tina O. on my way to find a ring in Coloma, MI. The text read “Mother passed on Monday, fathers birthday is tomorrow, he lost his wedding ring last winter”. I texted her back and asked where, in water or land? she told me the ring was lost while changing a truck transmission after a breakdown in a church parking lot. The church location was near my home so when I got back from a successful search in Coloma I called her and met her at the church.

A year had gone by since the loss, snow was plowed and grass was cut. I used my Fisher F75 and searched the grass alongside the parking lot for about 5 parking spaces then I turned and moved over and went back and now on my third three feet wide swing I got a faint signal so I used my Garrett Pin Pointer and got a good signal. This was a well manicured lawn so I didn’t want to dig too much so I dug a small hole and 2 inches down there it was. Tina and I gave each other a big hug and she looked at me in amazement and tears in her eyes said, thank you.

I took a picture of the ring and the shaded location by the church. After taking Tina’s picture I asked her to go home and take a picture of Troy holding the ring. This is a great birthday gift to a good man who has recently lost the woman of his life. I hope this will be a small returned token to remember a loving relationship that started so long ago.



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  1. Lisa Kirkendoll says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough for doing that for my Grandfather. It happened at the time it was needed most. I know he was very proud to have his ring back and it helps him to carry on after my Grandmothers passing. You guys, in my eyes are true heroes. Thank You!

  2. Mickey Lewis says:

    Hi Lisa yes im a Member of the Ring Finders, And i realy enjoy finding Lost sentimental Jewelry for people Like your Grandfather if their Happy im Happy, Finding Lost things that have sentimental value,
    The joy of giveing it back to them has a Rewared in itself, Your in Kentwood MI ,
    I just found a Diamond Ring for a Man that Lost it 7 years ago his name is Darryl,
    Leave a comment on that Blog just to say Hi, Mickey Lewis in Los Banos Ca , Have a Great Day Lisa,

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