Full Moon smiles over Half Moon Lake in Gregory, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Three weeks ago Ryan C. called me after finding my name as a ring finder on line. His wife Shannon had lost her diamond wedding ring while enjoying an afternoon of boating on Half Moon Lake. They had anchored their boat at a popular party spot on the lake and while standing waste deep in the water she accidently dropped her ring in the lake. The water was clear but the bottom contained a layer of silt from the clay underneath it. They said they would meet us in a designated spot and we could follow them to the lake. We went to the public beach where they picked us up after getting their boat and then going to the spot where the ring was lost.

Shannon showed us about where the ring went off her finger and we, search buddy Dave B. and I proceeded to look for the ring. Every step and swipe of our detector we would kick up the silt and sink over our shoes in the clay. We did a grid search to no avail. After about three hours I told Ryan and Shannon that I was sorry that we couldn’t find the ring but would come back on my dime to look again. Our drive time from my house to the lake is about two hours.

Today Dave B., myself and another friend Chuck R. drove to the side of the lake that we could get to without a boat and start searching for the ring. Little did we know that we had to walk through a forest for a quarter of a mile with our equipment twice. The first time a gentleman walking his dog showed us the trail and walk with us to the right spot. We thanked him and walked back to the car to get our equipment. Did I mention poison ivy? We brought with us some grid markers and proceeded to search, going from the shallow to deeper. It was in the waste deep area where Ryan’s boat was parked the last time that Dave B. came up with a gleaming diamond. After high fiving each other I walked to shore and texted Ryan with a picture of the ring and said “Is this it?”. He happily replied, “yes”. I told him we would meet him at the beach and presented him the ring.

Ryan did not tell Shannon right away that we found the ring and wanted to have their two year old son present it to her, “she freaked”. So now the full moon smiles are bright over Half Moon Lake once again. The pictures say it all.



3 Replies to “Full Moon smiles over Half Moon Lake in Gregory, MI”

  1. Tara says:

    Gregg –

    Thank you SO much for finding my sister’s ring! She was over-the-moon when her little boy came walking up to her with her ring in his little hand – it was priceless! Thank you for your time, thank you for your effort, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So amazing!


  2. Peter Langer says:

    What a great story Gregg,
    I know Ryan and his family. I’m so happy for them.
    You are clearly a honest caring person.
    Bravo my friend Bravo!

  3. abby says:

    I too am looking for a ring that was lost at this lake many years ago.

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