Engagement Ring recovered in Jackson, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Tuesday I was contacted by Josh P. about his fiancée’s lost engagement ring, as I was on my way up to Traverse City, MI I was unable to help him until today. His fiancée gave him her ring before she washed her hands and he put it in his pocket for safe keeping. He was on his way back to their apartment when he crossed a 20 foot wide thicket filled with pricker bushes and tree branches and felt something hit his leg and soon discovered he had a hole in his pocket. The ring fell out just before he exited the thicket and he thought it was lost for good. After looking for a while he went to the internet and found my name through the ringfinders directory and immediately gave me a call.

My detecting partner Dave B. and I got to Josh’s apartment around 10:30am and began to unload our detectors. No sooner did we have our detectors on and a good ring sound rang out and in the tall grass under the prickers we found the white gold diamond ring. Josh’s fiancée wasn’t there but he promised to send me a picture of her holding the ring. Josh was a very happy guy and was getting a new pair of pants without holes.