Second time around in Cascade, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Last year I visited Sandy after she called me about her lost silver necklace in the blueberry patch. I had success in finding it. I gave Sandy my card incase she needed my services again. Well I got a call from Sandy yesterday telling me she lost her garage door opener while cutting her grass and dumping the clippings in some tall weeds to the side of her garage. She and a friend looked for it the day she lost it but didn’t have any luck. I told Sandy I would be out around 1pm the next day but gave her a call this morning and asked if I could come out earlier due to a pending storm, she said come on over. My detector friend Dave and myself headed over for the 12 mile trip and started to look for the opener. Sandy had to go get her dog and would return in about an hour. She was hardly out of the drive when Dave’s detector went off and there it was. I gave the opener to her husband who is recouping from hip surgery and he said “thank you” and told me Sandy would send me a check. Another great adventure doing a job I love to do.