Muskegon, MI-Lost engagement ring in the snow

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I got a call last week from Obi who lives in Muskegon, MI. He and his fiancee were in their back yard horsing around in the snow. Prior to them playing in the snow Obi’s fiancee gave him her ring which needed resizing. He put it in his pocket and together they enjoyed the new fallen snow. It was a small back yard and when they started to go into the house he felt in his pocket and said the ring was gone. Obi had a metal detector junior and tried to find the ring but couldn’t. The next day he went out and rented a better detector to no avail. There is a septic tank cover near where he lost it and the detector keptIMG-20130224-00553 peeping.

Obi looked on line for “find my lost ring” and came across he then looked in the directory and found my name. With a lot of things going on during the week and being it wasn’t lost in a public area I told Obi I would be out Sunday Feb 24.

My brother Doug and I searched the 50′ by 75′ back yard and could not get a signal on the ring. We cleared all the snow off the septic tank area and check the snow with no luck. Since the loss there has been about 6 to 10 inches of snowfall which made hunting a little harder because the snow was very heavy.

Obi gave me money for gas and I told him my next trip after a thaw was on me. I assured his fiancee not to worry we will find it.