Ring Found in Kentwood, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)


Brian Bierenga with ring back on finger

I received an email today from a  friend, Vickie J. ,who works where I used to work. She  knew that I metal detected and retired just to go detecting.  A co-worker mentioned to her that her husband had lost a lot of weight and was doing some yard work and lost his wedding ring as it was very loose. She told Rhiannon B. about me. I called Vickie after receiving the email and then decided to message Rhiannon on FB. Before you know it between 2:30PM when I received the email and 5:30PM when I went to their home, the ring was back on Brian’s finger.

Brian had bagged three big bags of leaves to be thrown out the next day. When I messaged them on FB I told them not to throw out any bags until I check them. I got out my Bounty Hunter metal detector and check bag one and two with no alerts, checking bag three I got a great signal then emptied a few leaves and there it was.

Brian is a teacher at Mattawan High School and I’m sure will have some good news for his students tomorrow.