Ring recovered in Wall Lake, Delton, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Margaret V. and Mother


On July 4th Jon B. son-in-law of Steve V. was up visiting his wifes family at Wall Lake, North of Delton, MI. While playing in the swim area with his children he noticed his ring was missing. After searching the area he was unable to find it and mentioned it to Steve, soon the vacation was over and Jon and his family headed back to Houston, TX. To add insult to injury they totaled their car on the way back home.

A month later a metal detecting friend, Dave Moyer, was approached by a Steve while Dave was metal detecting on a school playground. He asked him if he could search the water for a lost ring. After giving the man his card he got a call about a month later and was asked to come out to the lake and look for the ring. Dave asked me to come along and help because he had not searched any deep water and knew I did a lot of water searches.

Dave and I went out to Wall Lake just North of Delton, MI. It was a nice Fall day about 68 degrees and the water was still warm from the summer months. After spending a few minutes preparing our gear and entering the water I found the ring after 3 sweeps with my CZ21 detector. We continued to search the swim area, as we would normally do, to remove any junk such as nails, pull tabs, dock bolts and anything else that could hurt someone swimming.

Steve’s mom was visiting his grandmother who owns the home on the lake and was watching us look for the ring and they had their doubts that it would be found. Finding the ring added a bright side to an awful finish to a summer vacation for Jon and his family.